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Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing The MealDeal as your concept. These Terms and Conditions are written to guide you on your legal rights and obligations regarding your direct exposure to and use of The MealDeal website at www.themealdeal.in, as well as any associated mobile application, including but not restricted to the transmission of content via the website & Application, whether now or in the coming years, that link to the Terms.

These Terms apply to all current and prospective The MealDeal customers, including those with authorization to update their purported company listings, but are not limited to them.

Read these Terms and Conditions carefully because you are consenting to them and entering into a legally binding agreement with The MealDeal if you do not do so. The MealDeal platform is used at your own risk.

The MealDeal reserves the right to modify, revise, or update these Terms at any time and for any reason. You are accountable for periodically reviewing these Terms and ensuring that they are still in effect. Your continued use of them.

The MealDeal Platform following any such alteration or modification in the Terms will be regarded as your affirmative endorsement of the amended terms, and you agreed to abide by them.

Customer usage of services

To access some of the features available by the Services, including any limitation on the Amenities, you must first register an account. Our Privacy Policy governs the use of any private details you supply to us during the account setup procedure. You are personally accountable for protecting the confidentiality of your profile, any modifications and updates provided through your account, and all activities that occur in conjunction with your profile, and you must retain your password secure.

You might be able to sign up for the Services by signing in with your credentials from third-party social networking websites. You affirm that you are the administrator of any kind of social media profile and that you have the authority to provide us with your social media login credentials. You give us the right to obtain your login information, as well as any other data available either through your social network account or by following your choices and requirements.

You accept various notifications concerning The MealDeal Network or Service by signing up. For example, you may hear advice from other consumers, or other customers may monitor the behavior of your account. Using your account page, you can prefer or alter your choices for non-essential messages.

Limitations upon using

Despite limiting the foregoing of these Conditions, you expressly undertake, by using the Service, not to publish or communicate any information or engage in any conduct that, in our absolute discretion:

Contravene our principles and regulations, as well as our offer.

Does not cover the goods or services, ambiance, or other aspects of the business you are evaluating or is dishonest or purposefully false.

Contains content that is offensive to the public's taste or the Companies' standards;

Any third-party right, such as the right of privacy, the right of exposure, copyright, trademarks, patent, trade secret, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right, is infringed upon;

Terms of Personalisation:

(1) The consumer will receive the benefits of The MealDeal offers after effectively acquiring any package offered by The MealDeal. Users who do not purchase any parcels have no option to redeem offers displayed on The MealDeal App or Website.

(2) A client will be held responsible if they give any false information when enrolling with MealDeal. MealDeal will not be found responsible in the event of any misbehavior with the user's credentials.

(3) The client will take advantage of the special offers that the establishment is now offering. If the entire offer has an expiration date and approvals. Offers, times, and confirmations are subject to modification, update, or deletion by MealDeal.

(4) The MealDeal will not be held responsible if a user misbehaves in a cafe. MealDeal will solely be responsible for any inquiries about the offer that visitors may have at the restaurant.

(5) To collect any of the offers displayed on The MealDeal Website or Application, the User must go to the food locations listed. We recommend phoning the restaurant's mobile number before contacting them directly. Before ordering food, users must advise the bill desk about the MealDeal offer fulfilment. The consumer does not have to pay the full price to the cashier while using an offer, and they cannot demand a refund predicated on the invitation. To acquire the final payment number or offer, the user needs to add the payment request to The MealDeal Application's offer redeem page and pay the billed amount shown in the Application'. If the client does not abide by the rules, MealDeal will not be responsible for any further queries.

(6) It is completely the responsibility of MealDeal to make deals for users. It is fully the user's responsibility if a hotel or restaurant is not active at the point of the user's visit. MealDeal will never be on the lookout for problems like this. 

(7) The user must follow the restaurant's rules whether making a purchase, delivering, or picking up meals. If someone signs up for The MealDeal, they will not receive any benefits while they wait.

(8) In the event of legal action, The MealDeal will always choose their preferred city. The MealDeal has the power to take action against any user who engages in illegal behaviour or misbehaves at a restaurant concerning the offer. The MealDeal has the power to halt deliveries at any time.

(9) It is not The Meal Deal's duty if any advertising about a restaurant appears to be erroneous or deceptive on Google, a website, or any other source.

(10) There are no online discounts available through MealDeal. To take advantage of the savings, the user must have to reach the food locations.

Copyright infringement notice

The MealDeal is not responsible for any copyright violation resulting from content placed on or transferred over the MealDeal System, or items advertised on the Framework, by end-users or other 3rd parties. Companies' copyrighted works are respected by us, and we expect others who use the Programs to do so as well. We may eliminate or prohibit accessibility to information on the Services that infringes on the copyright rights of others under inappropriate conditions and at our judgment. We may also eliminate or deactivate links or connections to an internet location that involves pirated content or behavior, under our authority.