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How to put a offers on The Meal Deal?

the meal deals How to put a offers on The Meal Deal?

What is The Meal Deal?

The Meal Deal is a platform where hotels and restaurants owners put offers on The Meal Deal.

The Meal Deal is a place where customers can find out new experiences every day and local businesses succeed.

At The Meal Deal, we help you save money through our comprehensive listing of multiple coupons, offers, deals, and discounts from the top food industry. Well-built partnerships with great local businesses are at the very heart of The Meal Deal.

Step 1 : Business Login

First You Have to Login Your Business into The Meal Deal.

Step 2 : After Login of Restaurant You Found a  Restaurant Dashboard 

Step 3: After login you can See a Section to create new and special offer buttons.

Step 4: You have to choose a that you have to create a  which type offers

To create a Discount offer you may get a pop-up on screens. Fill That Form, Hurrey You Create a Discount Offer from your restaurants.